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Reduce weight to 68.0kg          Reduce weight to 68.0kg          Reduce weight to 68.0kg          Reduce weight to 68.0kg          Reduce weight to 68.0kg          Reduce weight to 68.0kg          Reduce weight to 68.0kg          Reduce weight to 68.0kg
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2024/03/03    Tokyo Marathon    3:07:39
59th Marathon. Colleague at 8K point.
weight 67.5kg. Three times 30k training
Half point 1:31:16
2023/10/29    Kanazawa marathon    3:13:38
58th Marathon. classmate at 8K point. colleagues at 35.5k point.
Tried to keep even pace 4:37/k, but 1st half was fast.
weight 68.0kg reduced weight 2.0kg two week prior to marathon.
Half point 1:35:01
2023/03/19    Itabashi city matathon    3:19:08
57th Marathon. Doctor Otani at 13k and 28k point.
follow the 3:15 pace runner until 28K (even pace 4:37/k)
weight 68.0kg reduced weight 2.0kg two weeks before marathon.
I fell down at 18k due to seek lost item.
Half point 1:36:52
2023/01/08    High tech half    1:40:00
1st run after one week rest due to cold.
4:40-4:57/k before turn point
4:20-4:57/k after turn point to the finish.
1st run after a week rest; I ran very carefully.
2022/12/29    Year End Marathon-Showa kinen    1:35:45
So tired due to the Covid after effect. So sleepy after run…
2022/10/31    Kanazawa Marathon    3:14:57
56th Marathon. classmate at 8K point. colleagues at 34.4k point.
follow the 3:15 pace runner from 15K-34.4K. even pace 4:37/k.
weight 68.3kg reduced weight 1.5kg two week prior to marathon.
Half point 1:37:30
2022/04/16    Katsushika futen marathon    1:36:17
1st half marathon in 4 years (last one was konosu half in 2018). achieved target under 100min but could not run faster than 4:30/K. Muscle pain comes first but breeze was tough last 5k.

Training pace should be 4:00/k (not 5:00/k anymore).
2022/03/06    Tokyo marathon    3:33:29
55th marathon. Low back pain in nov and could not run for 1.5 month. Slow pace with 5:00/k pace. But it is faster than my planned pace 5:30/k.
weight 69.3kg. Met N and K at monnaka.
Half point 1:44:36
2019/12/08    Saitama marathon    3:28:52
54th marathon. heavy weight body as c.72kg. Half point 1:42:02
2019/11/10    Yokohama Marathon    3:22:32
53rd marathon as long distance training. heavy weight body as 72.2kg after the race night. Half point 1:38:xx
2019/10/27    Mito marathon    3:53:52
52nd marathon as long distance training. heavy weight body as 71.3kg. Half point 1:59:13
2019/04/14    kasumigaura Marathon    3:19:36
51st marathon. heavy body all the way. Half point 95:16. 21:42(5k)-22:14(10k)-22:34(15k)-23:30(20k)-23:16(25k)-24:52(30k)-25:35(35k)-25:16(40k)-10:30(40k-finish)
2019/03/17    Itabashi Marathon    3:13:06
50th marathon. +2kg weight over (70.5kg) again. no wind and beautiful day
5k 22:10 10k 22:10 15k 22:44 20k 22:53 25k 22:49 30k 23:20 35k 23:41 40k 23:52 Finish 9:57
Half 94:59
2018/11/25    Tsukuba marathon    3:12:41
+2kg weight over (70.5kg) because of many drink opportunities recently.
Nike zoom fly makes my leg painful after 25k
5k 22:00 10k 21:27 15k 21:48 20k 21:54
25k 22:30 30k 23:25 35k 24:13 40k 24:56
Finish 10:28
Half 91:57
2018/10/28    Yokohama marathon    3:24:49
48th marathon. Had a cough from cold with heavy mutsle leg and arm from kiro 6.
Managed to the finish. Half point 95:49 21:03(5k)-21:47(10k)-23:19(15k)-23:29(20K)-24:50(25k)-25:19(30k)-27:02(35k)-26:43(40k)-11:17(2.195k)
2018/03/18    Itabashi Marathon    3:07:46
47th marathon. Fatigued from start with pollen allergy . Half point 90:50 21:35(5k)-21:24(10k)-21:19(15k)-21:37(20K)-22:09(25k)-22:50(30k)-23:10(35k)-23:41(40k)-9:49(2.195k)
2018/03/03    Konosu half    1:24:47
First 84min in three years. Joined with company running team.
2018/01/28    Katsura marathon    3:07:26
46th marathon and 9th Katsuta marathon. Almost even pace.not so exhausted. Half point 91:54. 21:50(5k)-21:37(10k)-21:55(15k)-21:44(20K)-22:14(25k)-23:01(30k)-23:30(35k)-22:08(40k)-9:27(2.195k)
2017/12/16    masters half marathon    1:28:36
4:12/k, start 2k with the pace 3:56/k and dropped down to 4:24.11th place in 45-49 category
2017/11/26    Tsukuba marathon    3:07:28
Nice weather starts around 6 degree and finish around 12 degree. Flat course.
Half point 91:59
2017/04/16    Kasumigaura marathon    3:16:56
26 degree Celsius but little bit wind helps. Tried negative split but I could not hang on. Half point 95:23.
2017/03/19    Itabashi Marathon    3:11:50
43rd Marathon and 4th (first in 10yrs) in Itabashi.
Severe pollen allergy with hot and windy weather.
Half point 91:44. 21:31(5k)-21:29(10k)-21:50(15k)-22:07(20K)-22:32(25k)-23:31(30k)-24:01(35k)-24:27(40k)-10:22(2.195k)
2017/01/29    Katsuta marathon    3:06:43
42nd marathon and 8th Katsuta marathon. Almost even pace.not so exhausted. Half point 92:54. 22:29(5k)-21:30(10k)-22:08(15k)-21:57(20K)-22:04(25k)-22:27(30k)-22:50(35k)-22:29(40k)-9:49(2.195k)
2016/12/24    Masters road race (half)    1:27:39
Hakone ekiden pre competition course in Showa kinen Koen
2016/11/06    NYC marathon    3:16:25
41th marathon and 8th in NYC. Weather was beautiful.

Followed 3:00 pace runner until 8mile then slowed down... Half point 1:31. 21:10(5k)-21:28(10k)-21:28(15k)-22:08(20k)-23:35(25k)-23:21(30k)-24:53(35k)-26:08(40k)-11:40(40k-finish)
2016/04/17    Kasumigaura marathon    3:11:25
40th marathon and the 5th marathon in this season. Too strong wing to keep the same pace after 22k (wind 30m/s). I slowed sown to 4:40-5:00/km and managed the race well.
2016/03/13    Yokohama marathon    3:03:49
39th marathon. I could keep my motivation until the finish line but could not move well at last 10k. Half point 1:29:04. 20:57(5k)-21:32(10k)-21:12(15k)-21:08(20k)-21:46(25k)-22:03(30k)-22:23(35k)-22:49(40k)-9:59(40k-finish)
2016/01/31    Katsuta marathon    3:04:08
38th marathon. Same experience as last year.. I lost my enery at 35K. the last 2km was so tough that I slowed down to the pace 4:54/km.
I slept well in the express train and not so exausted when I got home.
I think Ineed to do speed training.
21:08(5K)-20:56(10K)-21:13(15K)-21:07(20K)-21:13(25K)-21:29(30K)-22:23(35K)-23:52(40K)-10:47(2.2K). Half 1:29:01
weight 67.8kg
2015/11/23    Ohtawara marathon    3:05:20
37th marathon. I like rainy day marathon! but I could not keep the pace 4:15 at 24k because of the shortage of training miles. Half point 1:28:50.
Could not find special drink four times (only found at 37k).
Kin Tetsuhiko finished 2:57.
2015/04/19    Kasumigaura Marathon    3:07:40
36th Marathon. I did not go to biz trip two wks: my condition was very good, but I gained 2kg... The rac was very easy so that I did not have big wall in the 2nd half; I think I need speed training. 21:50(5k)-21:30(10k)-21:32(15k)-22:22(20k)-22:01(25k)-22:29(30k)-22:53(35k)-23:17(40k)-9:46(2.2k) Half 1:32:07
2015/03/15    Yokohama Marathon    3:09:02
35th Marathon/ inaugural marathon w/ scenic coourse! I followed 3hr pace runner but they ran faster in the 1st half. And due to sleepless week, my body is not in good shape and slowed down much in the 2nd half.
Half 1:27:52
2015/02/15    KyotoMarathon    3:05:48
My 34th marathon. The volunteeer staff were so nice even though the cold weather. Yatsuhashi at 35K was also good to me. 21:31(5K)-21:15(10K)-20:56(15K)-21:06(20K)-21:06(25K)-21:50(30K)-22:45(35K)-24:57(40K)-10:18(40k-finish)
Half 1:29:24
2015/02/08    akabane half marathon    1:30:30
Saved power for Kyoto marathon. Started with pace4:30 until 7k then paced up to 4:20, then finished last 2k of with 3:55. No mutsle damage.
But fatigue from too much drinking on last Thursday.
2015/01/25    Katsuta marathon    3:04:00
I reduced my weigt to 67.0kg. It was easy to cover with 4:15 until 25km but I lost my energy at 38km.
the last 4km was so tough that I slowed down to the pace 4:48/km.
21:42(5K)-21:01(10K)-21:23(15K)-21:12(20K)-21:34(25K)- 21:39(30K)-22:11(35K)-23:18(40K)-10:00(2.2K). Half 1:30:02
not so exausted when I got home.
2015/01/11    tanigawahalf    1:26:13
watch did not work well: 200m gap at the finish line. heavy body due to Friday nite drink.
2014/11/30    koto half    1:28:20
My watch does not work well: there was 400m gap at the finish line.
Roughly add 5 sec for 1km lap time.
2014/11/02    NYC marathon    3:11:57
my 32nd marathon. Difficult condition with strong wind. I felt it is easy to go in the 1st half, but my body seemed to be damaged from jet lag and I gave up to stick in sub three pace. After all, I enjoyed much beautiful NYC marathon Sunday. For some reason, my pace was changed up and down several times. I should correct it next time. Half 1:32:12
4:37-4:14-3:58-4:10-4:10(5k 21:18)-4:14-4:14-4:10-4:05-4:24(10k 42:50)-4:13-4:17-4:26-4:18-4:10(15k 64:38)-4:20-4:30-4:27-4:16-4:28(20k 1:27)-4:22-4:38-4:23-4:21-5:11(25k 1:50)-4:45-3:34-4:34-4:34-4:26(30k 2:14)-4:49-4:39-4:38-4:36-4:45(35K 2:37)-4:34-4:35-4:40-4:57-4:34-(40K 3:01)-4:35-4:36
2014/03/01    Kounosu half    1:25:17
It was my first 85 min run since 2010. I could not keep 4:00/k pace but could keep even pace as 4:03. Not bad with my fatiegues from business trip until yesterday. 3:56-3:55-3:57-4:03-4:02-3:59-4:05-4:05-4:02-3:59-4:06-4:06-4:00-4:04-4:02-4:05-4:00-4:08-4:02-4:01-4:04-0:39
2014/01/26    Katsuta marathon    3:09:50
Even pace bacause of kee pain. it was easy until 35K. I could not keep it up with 4:30/k pace. 69.8kg
But I was not so exhausted. almost no damage at home.
5K 21:43-10K 22:04-15K 22:13-20K 22:04-25K 22:28-30K 22:34-35K 23:08-40K 23:22-2.195k 9:59. Half 1:33:16
2014/01/12    Tanigawa half    1:32:34
Caring knee pain but it seems okay. Slow pace start (4:45/k), gradually paced up to 3:59/k.
10k 51:10. Last 3k 12:00.
2013/12/08    Tokorozawa half    1:30:20
So many hills. But I enjoyed it.
My condition is so so, but I should lose weight. 71.5kg
2013/11/03    Shonan International    3:24:55
30th marathon.was not good because of cold...
5K 21:40-10K 22:36-15K 22:44-20K 22:50-25K 22:52-30K 23:15-35K 26:43-40K 29:55-2.195k 11:56. Half 1:35
2013/03/10    Kyoto marathon    3:12:42
29th marathon. Tough hills. also pollen allergy. Enjoyed much kyoto city. Half 1:30.
2013/03/02    Kounosu Half    1:29:05
keep the same pace under strong wind condition. save power for nextweek marathon
4:02-4:03-4:16-4:10-4:10-4:13-4:18-4:19-4:13-4:09(10k 41:55)-4:17-4:15-4:15-4:15-4:19-4:25-4:25-4:08-4:01-4:10-4:26(1.1K)
2013/02/10    Akabane Half    1:27:04
With Otani-san. The best condition (no wind and not so low temp). Could not hold the pace at 11k. 4:01-4:04-3:54-3:59-4:04(5k 20:04)-4:04-4:01-4:00-4:03-4:05(10k 40:20)-4:04-4:13-4:10-4:17-4:12-4:16-4:15-4:07-4:16-4:16 (20k 82:30)-4:34(1.1k)
2013/01/27    Katsuta marathon    3:11::35
28th marathon. Almost gave up at 28K but managed to the finish line. The first 5k was so fast nevertheless no long distance . Many regrets but I enjoyed the beautiful Sunday. 10k 41:39. Half 1:29:40.
2012/12/02    Itabashi half    1:27:52
No wind. Good condition. I need to reduce my belly.
2012/10/28    Teganuma half    1:29:52(net)
First half distance in 7month. Don't know how much I saved power but I think it was good management. But I drank a lot on Thu; it was not good (there was certain damage).
2012/02/26    Tokyo Mrathon    3:03:58
27th marathon. targeted under 3hours, but I slowed down after 30K 4:00-4:45. Half 1:28. See Natsuki at Nihombashi.
weight 70.3kg
2012/01/29    Katsuta marathon    3:11:11
26th marathon. Moderate pace due to less training preparation. Half 1:34
2011/11/06    Narita Pop run    1:35:44
72.5kg: too tired with heavy body. I need to work on weight reduction.
Strong muscle pain immediatly after flight to HK.
Half 45:15
2010/02/28    Tokyo Marathon    3:05:57
5K/20:50, 10K/20:56, 15K/20:48, 20K/21:07, 25K/21:39, 30K/22:28, 35K/23:36, 40K/24:02, last/10:30
Half point 1:28. weight 68.8kg. 25th marathon. Heavy mustle pain plus neck and wrist pain...
2010/01/31    Katsuta Marathon    3:05:30
Painful race again. I could not keep it up with 20:45 pace group. I slowed down after 30km due to the mutsle pain from last week Chiba half, but I did not walk. half point 1:27. weight 68.7kg. 24th marathon. 497th place
2010/01/24    chiba sanspo    1:23:50
My cardio was okay today.
2010/01/10    Tanigawa Mari half    1:26:05
My first half marathon in two years: I enojoyed. It took time to realize again how to breaze for the short distance; but my legs are okay. 3:59-4:03-4:03-4:09-4:10-4:15-4:06-4:05-4:11-4:19-4:05-4:09-4:03-3:57-4:01-4:10-3:59-4:04-3:58-3:56-4:13(1.1K)
2009/11/01    NYC matathon    3:10:02
Cloudy not so cold day. my 23rd marathon. Since I did not do long distance training more than 13 mile, my leg had stopped after half point. But I managed to it until my finish. Musics in Brooklyn was so impressive to me this year.7:22-6:31-6:54-6:52-6:52-6:48-6:59-6:57-6:57-6:57-7:09-7:00-7:07-7:22-7:21-7:22((16MQB)-7:05-7:05-7:05-7:41-7:35-7:29-7:34-7:57(24M 5th Ave)-7:39-7:34
2009/01/25    Katsuta Marathon    3:04:45
beautiful day. But painful race... I felt too long before the first water station at 12K. came back to Ueno with Otani-san and Kaori-san. 5K lap 20:42-23:35, half 1:29:27. my 22nd marathon.
2008/11/02    NYC matathon    3:13:08
Fun run with camera. Twisted my left angle on the Verazano my 21st marathon: bridge (so careless) and had severe pain occasionally. But fortunately, it did not come up with fatal pain I had after the race. my cardio was enough low that I felt cource was shorter than usual (no muscle pain after the race (the day after also)). I will restart development work and lose 6 LBS for the next spring race. Being one of the NYC runners is really great! on my way back to Tokyo flight, I slept 10 hours: I was also short and pain free!
2008/02/17    tokyo marathon    2:54:53(gun time)
this was my 20th marathon. ran with many friends and saw many friends on the course: it was fun. my right knee was not good enough to run more than 30k but i could manage to cross the finish line. i should take a rest for a while.
2007/11/04    NYC matathon    2:58:47
i ran through the town i spent years.ao much memories... i had upstomach from the start, but it seemed i can hadle it for three hours (i had very bad experience in NYC in 2005 with same symptom:so, I was careful not to damage my stomach by not taking water at all until mile 13). at mile 8, backside of the right leg had crumped and i decided to slow down to 7:00 min/mile. by mile 13, my front side of the right leg had crumped. i took three small salt bags before the half marathon. i carefully slowed down at queen's borough bridge with 7:30/mile. at mile 16, 1st avenue, I got special bottle (redbull+salt+anti acid), miyuki-san had my name card! and kyomi-san waved at mile 19. at mile 22 in bronx, finally my stomach became good and my leg seemed to stay in the same condition (crumping, but not pull-up), but I carefully kept my pace (around 7 min/mile) until the end of the 5th avenue hill. I saw and touched steve(Korean RRC) just before the central park. at mile 24 around the 95th avenue, I acceralated to the 6:30/mile and passed so many runners before the finish line. this matathon was so critical that it could be turned out to the worst one: but i can manage to the finish line from the many mistakes in the past. it was such a beautiful day which reminds me the haruki- murakami's words about the NYC marathon 2004 "the beautiful afternoon god step down".
2007/03/18    Arakawa marathon    2:57:24
saw yurikamome-san and otani-san. strong against wind at the second half. the first half was 1:20 and second half was 1:37 (the worst lap was 5min/k). I will go to shonan next year.
2007/02/18    Tokyo marathon    2:51:55
cold rainy day. met keni-san two times. passed tmari tanigawa at mile 5, but was passed again at mile 16. passed Ari Ichihashi at mile 14 and Arimori-san at mile 22. the cheers to her was really big and made me cry. samba girls were just before the finish line and they were the biggest surprise.
2006/12/10    Dallas White Rock Marathon    2:51:16
hard to breath until mile 6 with my running nose...6:15,6:43,6:28,6:25,6:30,6:34,6:26,6:10,6:07,6:19,6:23,6:23,6:22,6:26,6:21,6:27,6:36,6:41,6:40,7:00(dolly hill),6:50,6:35,6:36,7:05,6:45,6:35,1:24) age group 5th place.
2006/11/05    NYC matathon    2:50:25
fantastic marathon! PR in my 15th marathon. (6:25, 6:03, 6:13, 6:09, 6:09, 6:08, 6:10, 6:18, 6:18, 6:15, 6:27, 6:18, 6:18, 6:30, 6:31, 6:53(16M:QB), 6:24, 6:25, 6:36, 6:49, 6:52, 6:52, 7:17 (24M:5th), 6:56, 6:41, 1:35 (.2M))
2006/10/15    Staten Island half    1:19:09
pain in ham. went moderate and save power: could keep even pace as a result. strong wind, but it was not so cold and beautiful weather. I enjoyed it. I was glad to join with kawano-san.
2006/10/01    Norwegian Half    1:20:10
race in the rain:easy to the mustle. I could not push myself in the middle... went to easy... had digestion problem after the race and took nap (cold?).
2006/08/27    NYC Half Marathon    1:21:19
an inaugural half marathon which runs through the Times Square. it was so nice to run the 7th avenue:I never forget. I felt slight pain at the backside of the knee: I slowed down between mile 7 to 9: seems OK now...
2006/07/09    bronx half marathon    1:24:20
did not go fast and kept moderate heart rate until finish. 6:10/mile at first three mile, then drop to around 6:40/mile. my throid is better than last year. I wish I could keep this until september comes.
2006/04/29    Queen's half marathon    1:21:10
tried to finish under 78 minutes, but hyper thyroid made me slow down... But I finished. I found that this course has some hills, but this is the fastest course among the NYRRC races.
2006/04/17    Boston marathon    2:57:12
the best weather condition. my condition was OK: I got a lot of water from the head which made easy thyroid condition. half-85:30-. I tried to go over my PR, but I slowed down at mile 23. but good result!
2006/03/19    brooklyn Half marathon    1:24:30
a week after moving in NYC. I finished! went to Coney Island with Alex (tram-walk to 51st street-irregular F train). NYRRC is really great organization to hold this event! seemed there is still some fatigue from Napa. marathon two weeks ago...
2006/03/05    napa valley marathon    2:58:32
heavy rain with head wind. slowed down at mile 22 again...but I could finish! actually there are a lot of rolling hills: it must be good for boston training, maybe....
2006/01/15    houston marathon    3:01:25
until mile 22, I covered 6:43/mile. but my legs stopped there and my lap time became 7:30/mile.... but I felt my thyroid condition got better and I could run 26 mile without walking.
2005/11/06    NYC marathon    3:37:57
I collapsed and walked last 5 miles... I appreciate kyomi-san's great support at mile 20.
2005/07/11    Bronx Half Marathon    1:32:56
I could run more than 8 miles and finish half marathon this week. my hip pain is now significantly recovered. I only have slight pain at hip and abdomen at mile 11 with 7:05 pace.
2005/05/22    Green Bay Marathon    3:03:47
It was tough race with abdomen pain in the second half...But I could finish! The course was flat with beautiful landscape. And the race administration was also great!
2005/05/14    queens half marathon    1:19:45
first under 80 minutes. i changed running form and it did worked incredibly!
2005/05/01    frederick marathon relay    2:43:40 (relay team)
I was first runner for 6.4 mile (39:18). We, NY Ekiden Runners (w/Honma, Kawano, Otani) won the race and got the memorial balls!
2005/04/18    boston marathon    3:05:23
Great race with so many hills! People made many layers along all the course and gave us great support. a little bit warm weather(70 degree), but I can manage to do with that.
2005/03/19    Brooklyn Half Marathon    1:24:27
Great race! Started from boardwalk next to the sea shore, went through 6-mile straight boulevard and hilly Prospect park.
2005/03/13    Pfeizer Oncology Half marathon    1:24:32
As usual, we had many up-down in the Central Park. I had jet lag after caming back from AZ but could run as usual.
2004/11/06    NYC marathon    3:21:??
2004/10/09    Hartford Marathon    3:11:??
2004/03/26    awakawa marathon    2:59:30
2004/01/18    Kita marathon    3:05:??
2003/11/05    NYC marathon    3:19:??
B1997/03/26 Osaka marathon 2:56:31, A1997/01/15 Kita Marathon 3:04:??, @1996/10/20 Yokohama Marathon 3:15:??