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10/01 水 18.0   (load)105'jog,(50×2)
For 3weeks, I run long distance.
10/02 木 10.0   (load)60'jog,(50×2)
10/03 金 15.0   (load)90jog,(50×2)
10/04 土 10.0   (track)jog4km,1000×1,5000×1
My best times are renewed.But If I practiced running more neatly, I'll run more high-speed,I think.But now, I can't work out running perfectly. I always want to enjoy running. I don't want to think about running by difficalt thinking or logistics.
10/05 日 0.0   all rest
I bought asics shoes of LADY GT2130 NEW YORK.
10/06 月 20.0   (load)34'jog(50×2),(load)83'jog(50×2)
Running of new shoes is very easy to slip for good..
10/07 火 0.0   all rest
right leg ache.
10/08 水 6.0   (load)35'jog(50×2)
right leg ache.
10/09 木 6.0   (load)15'jog,20'jog
right leg ache.
10/10 金 6.0   (load)35'jog(30×3)
new shoes is wide for me.
10/11 土 15.0   (load)90'jog(30×3)
running with u-chan.very cute.
10/12 日 6.0   (load)31'jog(50×1,100×1)
In near future, I want to run with top asleets.I wanna run 1000m at just 3'00. I wanna know my fisical compornent.I wanna glow myself at top level.Very fun!!! Always I don't have to forget to enjoy running. good luck♪In this month, I will run 1000m at 3'30./I must figure out race of nagoya-half.Do my best..
10/13 月 6.0   (load)30-5jog
slowly jog.
10/14 火 8.0   (track)jog4km,1000×3,200×3,100×1
10/15 水 12.0   (track)jog2km,10000×1
right-leg ache.left heart ache.
10/16 木 0.0   all rest
rigit leg ache.
10/17 金 0.0   all rest(lazy)
For half-marathon, I must do training my body(specialy leg)
10/18 土 15.0   104'(77-(10)-27)jog[5200×1(6'47,6'45,6'40,6'33)]
my leg's little power.For running half-marathon , I must run more and more at high-speed and long distance.
10/19 日 20.0   (load)120'(97-(3)-23)jog
right and left leg's ache (specially right).I found hospital for body maintenance.I wanna go to the hospital.
10/20 月 15.0   (load)83'jog(100×3)
good pace.
10/21 火 0.0   rest
bad body condition.
10/22 水 8.0   (track)jog2km,1000repe×1,5000PR×1
Best time!!!But I think I can run more speedy.I will run 3'20-30 at 1000m near the future.And I go down my eye-power.OH MY GOD!! I want to care my eyes more.Fight!!!!
10/23 木 10.0   (load)60'jog(50×3)
good pace.
10/24 金 10.0   (track)jog1km,800×1,100×5;(road)43'jog(100×3)
10/25 土 0.0   rest
10/26 日 0.0  
10/27 月 0.0  
10/28 火 0.0  
10/29 水 0.0  
10/30 木 0.0  
10/31 金 0.0  
走行距離 216.0  km